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Harvest the Sun; 2024 Solar & Storage Live

The 2024 Solar & Storage Live event in London on the 29th and 30th of April was truly remarkable. One key observation from the event was the rapid global shift towards embracing green energy and the myriad of innovative solutions available.

About the Solar & Energy Live:

Originally launched in Birmingham in 2012, Solar & Storage Live UK has evolved into the country’s largest solar energy event. Over the past four editions, the event has grown significantly, now attracting over 450 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors.

The London edition, launched in 2024, surpassed expectations with over 10,000 solar and storage professionals in attendance. It serves as a hub for a global community of high-growth professionals dedicated to advancing green energy initiatives worldwide.

Solar & Storage Live London highlights cutting-edge solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Large-Scale Utility projects. It’s the premier event where buyers and installers in the UK market explore, evaluate, and procure top-notch solar and storage products.

Why I attended this expo:

I have always pondered how businesses can sustain their operations during power outages. The introduction of PowerNow, which is an African startup, is turning this vision into reality by providing a range of alternative energy plans for households and businesses. Our primary goal at the expo was to establish robust partnerships with businesses in the solar and storage sector. We are seeking strategic collaborations with solar equipment manufacturers on a large scale. The event provided a valuable platform to engage with businesses dedicated to liberating people from traditional power constraints, facilitating a transition towards power independence.

The Solar & Storage Live London event not only showcased innovation but also served as a catalyst for collaborative efforts driving the transition to sustainable energy practices. Partnerships formed here will play a crucial role in liberating individuals from reliance on conventional power sources.

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